Secure Website Hosting

Secure website hosting in state-of-the-art datacentres. With tightly-controlled access, uninterruptible power, protection from natural disasters and multiple points of connection, your data stays safe and your websites are constantly available.

Website Hosting

A quick look around the internet will reveal a multitude of companies offering hosting, and a huge range of costs and options. Our standard hosting package includes 250Mb fast web space and 2Gb bandwidth per month, on high spec Unix or Windows web servers (according to your requirements). This is more than adequate for the majority of web sites.

The cost for the standard account is £180 per year, including an SSL security certificate and free telephone support.

The very inexpensive hosting offered by some companies is functional but often completely unsupported, and assumes you have a level of expertise to manage your site and email yourself. Also, support when available is either on premium rate phone lines or via a slow web based ticketing system. Our telephone support is personal and our phone lines are standard rate.

Office 365 for Email

We are an authorised reseller for Microsoft’s Office 365. This offers all the benefits of an Exchange server, but is cloud based so without the expense of running your own server. Your email is available on all your devices, anywhere you are connected to the internet or a mobile signal, and it is synchronised across all devices and backed up. Perfect when working in more than one location or using multiple devices – computer, laptop, tablet, phone. Prices for Office 365 email start at £3.80 + VAT per month per mailbox.

We also supply licences for the full version of Microsoft Office starting at £9..40 + VAT per month including one Office 365 mailbox.

Secure Website Hosting with Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates secure your website’s connection and boost its rankings in Google.

secure website hosting notification seen in a browserEssentially, SSL establishes an encrypted link between your web server and your visitor’s web browser. This ensures that all data passed between the two remains private and secure. A secure site, when viewed in a browser, has a green padlock by the domain name, and sometimes the word ‘Secure‘ also in green, depending on the browser. Clicking the padlock reveals more information, shown in the screengrab below.

insecure website hosting notification seen in a browserWith an unsecured HTTP connection, third parties can snoop on any traffic passing between your reader’s browser and your web server. This is a huge issue if you’re passing sensitive information like credit card numbers. But nowadays, many entities, including Google, are pushing to use secure HTTPS connections for all traffic. An unsecured site shows a small ‘i’ in a circle by the domain name, and when this is clicked information about the site’s insecure connection is revealed.

Why Do You Need an SSL Certificate?

In the past, only eCommerce sites really needed to care about SSL. But that all changed in late 2014 when Google announced that SSL was going to be rolled out as a ranking factor.

Sites that use SSL certificates get a boost in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It might not be a huge boost, depending on your site, but any boost in search rankings is a good one.

But now Google is going even further. Starting from January 2017, Google marks HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure. That means your WordPress login page will be marked as non-secure if you’re not using HTTPS. Google eventually plans to expand this feature to treat all HTTP pages like this.

The extra cost of ssl hosting is very small and the benefits, including trust in your site, are worthwhile.

The cost for our standard ssl hosting account is £180 per year, including free telephone support.



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